South Park

In 2013 Michels Construction contracted with IDI, Inc. to prepare a building pad and site for a 640,000 s.f. distribution warehouse center in Richwood, Kentucky. The largest mass grading excavation project in company history, the job required 450,000 cubic yards of on sight grading/excavation that included 100,000 yards of rock blasting. In order to successfully complete this on time, Michels Construction dedicated a senior project superintendent full time and had him work daily with the owner’s representative to insure everything proceeded according to the agreed upon timeline and all necessary changes were immediately handled.

In conjunction with the high volume of work, this site required strict compliance with local environmental agencies to insure that all BMP and erosion standards were adhered to. It was vital to insure that safety directors performed a minimum of weekly site visits to insure that safety standards were being followed by IDI, Inc and Michels Construction.

Michels Construction senior management worked to make sure that all necessary insurance protections were in place prior to starting the rock blasting and ensured it was performed by a licensed subcontractor. We also requested that the director of risk management from the insurance company visit the site multiple times and on one visit conduct a mock OSHA inspection.

Our strong commitment to performance, quality, schedule, and safety on the bulk grading portion led to additional work on this project which included utilities, roadway paving, and building site paving.

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