Triple Crown Subdivision

The Triple Crown subdivision in Boone County is one of the premiere housing developments in Northern Kentucky. Michels Construction has been one of the primary contractors employed for this massive development project over the past 20 years. In late summer/early fall of 2013 we were awarded projects for two different sections being developed for new home sites. Section One called for us to install sanitary, storm, and water lines and for construction of approximately 1800 lf of streets, including curb and gutter. Section Two was for completion of approximately 3600 lf of street, curb and gutter. It was critical for the owner that both sections be completed prior to winter to allow for sales to commence as demand for these sites by local homebuilders was high. Our project superintendent worked closely with the grading contractor to coordinate our work and allow us to meet the customer’s expectation and schedule. We were able to complete Section One by the end of October 2013 giving the owner the opportunity to have it on the market in advance of expected turnover.

Our crew, in conjunction with the Michels Construction owners, concurrently and successfully completed the job for Section Two. One of the qualities that our company is proud of is that the owners take a personal stake in every job and will work on a job with crews to do what is necessary to make sure a job is done right and on time. In this particular case with Section Two ownership worked from start to finish to get the streets to finish grade, paving completed, and curb and gutter placed on time.

In addition to the contract work, the Triple Crown subdivision developers asked us to grade and pave a 3200 sy parking lot and install extruded curb. We were able to complete the streets and added parking lot well in advance of the winter shutdown.

Once again, Michels Construction brought to bear all of its resources to finish the project on time and keep the owner/developer very satisfied with our commitment, performance, and product. 

 Triple Crown Developers have been long-standing customers and we continue to do various projects for them on a yearly basis because of our ability to get the job done!

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